Mentally Noted

You would not believe the swing in weather around here. After spending a day in rain delays and 60-degree weather, waking up to sun and 83 degrees was quite the pleasant surprise.

Because of the sunshine and the flexibility in schedule, I took to the trail by my current apartment. Funny how quickly you get knocked on your butt when not used to 83-degree weather. After completing the full 2.8-hour loop and losing half my weight in sweat, it was already nearing noon and closing in on 90 degrees. I let go of the idea of a second loop and retreated back to my apartment where I chose to hit the stairmill for 15 minutes and cool down with a walk on the treadmill.

Gonna have to relearn that, if I want to get an outdoor run in, waking up and moving around a little earlier will be necessary.

Mentally noted.

My biggest accomplishment during my Memorial Day (other than officially starting the packing/moving process)? Working on my tan lines via the outdoor running and some time pool side. Not time IN the pool, just beside it. Observing all the people hopping in, swearing, and jumping directly out. Still cold. Give it another week or so before jumping in. Mentally noted.

I hope all of you were able to also enjoy the holiday. Especially if this means grilling. Because I would like to live vicariously through you. Still grill-less, I decided to make the most of it and decided to eat what food that would be served at a BBQ.Asparagus wrap with pepperjack, zucchini, and sweet corn. Sure, a smoked flavor and grill marks would have been nice, but it worked.

I really need to make friends with more people who own BBQ grills. Mentally noted.

And with that, let’s welcome back the work week. It’s a short one, so I’m keeping my whining to a minimum.

Even if it’s Tuesday. They do generally suck, but since it’s the first day of the work week, maybe everyone will be fooled into thinking it’s Monday and it won’t be that bad.

A girl can always dream, right?

Question of the Day- Who got a sunburn this weekend?

A Little Improv

So you liked the baked goods, huh?  Yeah- me too.  And before I forget, the recipe said it would make approximately 24 if you fill the cupcake liners 2/3 of the way.  I filled them much more than that and still ended up with 30.  So clearly there is no reason why you shouldn’t make these.  Unless, of course, you’re allergic to pumpkin, chocolate, or wheat.  If that’s the case, please don’t.

I’m covering my bases with that one. 

Since we’re back into the swing of the work week where I’m the later shift, I did my standard get up early to workout thing.  After getting 9-10 hours of sleep each night over this weekend, it was pretty much non-negotiable.

I did The Shred with Jillian and resistance bands.  Within the last month, I’ve acquired neighbors who live beneath me.  For the longest time, the apartment below me was empty, so I stomped and jumped as much as I wanted.  Now there’s someone there.  I still did it, but in spots where it’s not quite as loud (I assume there are beams there?).  This girl’s gotta get her sweat on.  So I did so as politely as possible.

That took care of my strength training.  I also needed to get in cardio, which I did after work.  I stuck to the elliptical.  I know this isn’t part of the training plan and I’m straying from it, but for now that works for me.  If I don’t feel like running, it’s ok- I can just improvise with the elliptical.  Weee…. living on the edge….

As excited as I got for the stops at Subway and Panera during my roadtrip to Mid-Missouri last weekend, I decided to just go ahead and buy my own deli at the grocery store. 

And it was on sale.  So yeah…

I don’t have bacon, but came as close to my favorite sandwich at Panera as I could get by improvising with the basics I had. Turkey, spinach, cheddar, avocado and a little ranch in a spinach tortilla.  I didn’t really miss the bacon anyways.

I don’t know about where you live, but today we’re supposed to be receiving a mini heat wave at hit 90 degrees again today.  Which is hilarious because I just talked about how I finally accepted all things Fall being a part of my life.  Originally, I was upset.  Because summer seemed to have left without saying goodbye.  I guess it wanted to come back to give me a hug before going away for the rest of the year.  Goodbyes are never easy.

And because it’s Tuesday (clearly a downer in my book), here’s a fun little video for you that, if anything, is a good indicator of my sense of humor.

I absolutely love that people do this- it makes me smile…  :)  It was put on by this group called Improv Everywhere and they do random “pranks” like the black tie beach day in New York.  Has anyone ever heard of them?

Ok kids, here’s hoping Tuesday doesn’t suck!

Bikram Elliptical

Oh hey hump day- you got here quickly! 

Last night was quite the event.  I got to the gym and several peeps were already there sweating it out.  And I mean SWEATING it out.  The air conditioning wasn’t working.  I asked Mon if they already reported it.  She had, but the girl hadn’t done anything yet.

Well.  This looks like it’ll be a short cross training session.

Someone came in after a little while.  Apparently the filter in the AC had been ignored for, oh I dunno, what looked to be about 5 years.  Gross.  I watched as I poured buckets of sweat all over the elliptical.  “What if this thing shorts out while I’m on it?” I thought.  Finally, the air started flowing again.  Bu the damage was done.  I looked like I had jumped into the pool.  I guess that’s what I get for starting my workout in a sweat box… oops.

It did end up being a decent workout.  I just moved a little more slowly than usual.  At some point I just took my shirt off.  I figured I could use the few dry spots left on it as a towel if need be.  I’m not really sure if the people working in the clubhouse and giving tours to future residents appreciated this.  But then again I didn’t appreciate sweating like a pig as soon as I walked through the door.  Fair enough.

After drinking about 10 gallons of water and taking a seriously needed shower, I finally felt hydrated and sanitary enough to do my thing in the kitchen.  Because I’m a sucker for a sale (and I had a coupon on top of it all!), I stocked up on chicken to eat/freeze on my last trip to the grocery store.  So tonight I had some while it was still “fresh”.  It took forever for me to decide what to do with it.  And I still hadn’t really decided what to do with it when I was halfway through constructing my sandwich.  Damn commitment issues…

But this is what I came up with:Doesn’t it look like my sandwich has fangs???  Raaarrrrrr!!!! 

Sorry. I swear I’m 24…Money shot.

Anyways, it’s a chipotle chicken sandwich with a bit of melted mozzarella and orange peppers on top.  Squash and mushrooms on the side again.  Originally I was going to work them into the sandwich as well, but that may have just been excessive if we’re going to be completely honest about it…  :)

And wine.  We’ll just say it was necessary.  That is all.

Because I’m working late today, I decided to get up early again to do some shredding.  Good morning Jillian.  I appreciate you.  I appreciate you.  I appreciate you…

Sometimes at 5:45 in the morning (like today), I have to repeat it a few times in order to believe it.  All whining set aside, I really do like doing quick sessions in the morning.  It gets me going without that extra cup of coffee in the morning and gives me some more time in the evening.  I have no desire to do it everyday, but a couple times a week isn’t hurting anything.  :)

My 5-mile run tonight is being planned on the dreadmill.  :(  Although the weather man has been completely wrong for the last 3 days about the rain, I can’t bank on it.  He swears today is the day it’s actually going to rain.  Well… ok… if you say so…

Have you been doing most of your workouts inside or outside these days?  I know it’s been rough for some of you kids up near the east coast with those 100-degree temps… ouch!

Um… I guess I should make it a point here to say drink some water and wear your sunscreen?  That’s my public service announcement of the day. 

Later, kiddos!

Seven Miles

Oh what an original title I’ve got today…  I’m sure you have absolutely no idea what I’m alluding to. 

Either way, first things first.  Let’s talk about how I fell asleep on my sofa last night at 10:30.  Lame.  Why so lame? Not because it was a Friday night and I should be out socializing, but because I was in the middle of a movie.  I was watching Invictus (a pickup from Red Box), and really was enjoying it.  I’m not always the biggest fan of Morgan Freeman, but he was great. Matt Damon usually is a favorite eye candy of mine, but I do have to say in this movie, he bulked up and was only so-so in my radar.  I’m more for tall and lean.  Just a preference.  Either way, I finally just stopped fighting all the exhaustion that had just hit me like a pile of bricks as soon as I got home from the gym.  I woke up at the end of it, but turned it off immediately and went to bed so I could finish it without knowing what happens (which I did get to see this morning).

Before my movie fail last night, I did do what I had guessed I would.  Wine and The Soup.  Actually, it was wine, The Soup, and a mushroom quesadilla.  Weird combination (on all accounts) but it was fantastic.Then again, cheese makes everything fantastic.

This morning I geared up for that seven miles I was talking about.  Won’t lie- when I saw it was already 80 degrees when I left the house, I got a wee bit nervous.  I did, however, plan ahead and packed plenty of water in my car so that I could stop and hydrate during one of my three loops on the trail if necessary.  Clearly, it was necessary.  I did neglect to bring any other form of energy with me.  This was a mistake because my last two miles sweating it out in the sun were pretty sluggish.  I finished the 7 miles at almost exactly an hour.  Evidence of my run is all in the tan line it left.  Even with the sunscreen (I’m being such a good girl!).

Thoughts?  Other than needing to pick up some energy blocks or that of a similar nature, I think it went ok.  The pace was lacking a bit, but I’m going to overlook that for now.  I was sluggish at the end, but not crawling.  So I’ll consider it a win. 

And I tried out my new Champion running shorts- I’ve never had actual running shorts with the inner lining.  I know, I know- crazy, but they kind of weirded me out. Then I saw them on sale during one of my many trips to Target.  They were freaking amazing.  And I need to acquire more. 

I also need to not plan a quick stop by the grocery store for after a long run.  The cashier looked less than thrilled to be helping the sweaty mess of a person that I was.  Sorry lady.

There was a little soreness in my hips, but nothing that a little yoga didn’t seem to take care of.  I’m good as new.  :)

I pulled a ghetto-fabulous move and sunbathed on my balcony this afternoon.  I would have trekked to the pool, but I was still pretty gross from the earlier run.  I decided to do humanity a favor and keep to myself until I had showered.

You’re welcome.

I’m showered now and will be out enjoying the rest of my day.  I hope you all are doing the same (shower not required, but preferred).

Should I Go Out Tonight?

It’s FRIDAY!!!! I should go out tonight. I kind of want to. But I probably shouldn’t. Last weekend was a long one.  Physically and financially.  I have people coming into town starting next week for the next four weeks.  I need extra $$$ for that.  I may go out downtown tomorrow to meet up with some work friends. I don’t want to be tired. I need to run errands one day this weekend, and that will not get done tomorrow if I’m hungover. Woodfield gives me a headache the way it is- going after a night of drinking will be a disaster.

I should, however, work out tonight.  Supposedly, it’s swimsuit season.  Even if the temperature is 11 degrees below average for this time of year.  Damn global warming…

Maybe I should just hit up Red Box and open up that wine that has been staring me in the face every time I open my pantry door…  Gotta love that cheap wine from Jewel Osco! 

Just watch- now that I said I’ll probably stay in, I’ll be writing about how I stayed out until 5:30 again…

Annie’s Perfect Day

Last Saturday was the big day.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been waiting for it.  Of course Annie and Steve were excited.  But I know us bridesmaids were excited.  We’ve been planning and getting ready for this event for well over a year!  Saturday morning I woke up pretty early in my hotel room (the pillows kind of sucked), and jumped right into all the prep work I had to do.  The pedicure, shower, hair drying, hair curling, hair fixing, makeup, packing up all my prep stuff to continue even more work at Annie’s old house, etc.  It’s quite time consuming.  But I did find the movie Clueless on TBS to keep me entertained as I was getting ready (surprisingly, there’s not much to watch on a Saturday morning).  As if!  Annie and Amy

After everyone was done getting ready, we took pictures and jumped into the party bus that would take us to the church.  Annie was doing well- I kind of expected a few tears here and there (she’s a big fan of crying- happy or sad).  But she was very calm and had planned everything so well that everything surprisingly ran smoothly (it hardly ever does from my experience).  We got to the church ten minutes before the ceremony.  It was hot.  Very hot.  And I’m pretty sure Annie and Steve paid extra to have them turn the AC down the night before to get it to a somewhat comfortable temperature.  Apparently the church thought leaving it at 70 would be comfortable for everyone packed into a tiny church in the middle of July.  I’m aware Jesus didn’t have AC, but if he did, he wouldn’t have been impressed, either.

Adam had texted me that morning to see what time they should get there.  I told him at least 20 minutes early because of the size of the church vs. the size of the wedding.  Steph sat with my while I got my pedi that morning and said I should probably tell them earlier.  So I did.  After I walked down the aisle to my spot, I turned around just in time to see them walk in.  Sounds about right… 

Saying the vowsThe wedding was perfect.  Annie got a little choked up during the vows, but us bridesmaids got a good view of Steve giving her comforting little smiles and telling her to breath.  It was kind of adorable.  I’m not a big crier at weddings, but if I were, that’s what would have done me in.  But I had a plan.  Jaime told me she heard if you feel like you’re going to cry to clench your butt a few times to get your mind off of it.  Odd.  But I probably would have tried it.

Party Bus!It took all of five minutes to get the champagne open on bus on the way to the reception.  We got there just in time for cocktail hour.  Good thing I had stuff with me- they carded me at the bar.  That never happens.  Firstly because there’s no way I look 21, and secondly, I was in the wedding party.  I’ve never seen a member of the party get carded before.  A couple of the other bridesmaids had left their purses with their husbands.  I offered to get them a drink before their husband got there.  Flashback to when I had to buy beer for my brother… (I swear mom, I only did it a couple times)

One of my favorite parts of the night was the toast by the best men (he had two).  Before we walked in, I asked my partner Peter (one of the best men) if he was ready for the toast.  He said sure and that he and brad were just going to wing it.  Annie told me a while ago that group of friends had made a tradition of making videos for the groom- but it’s alot of work and they had been told this year it might not happen because of scheduling.  What a lie.  Peter and Brad opened with how Steve had asked them to be best men by letter and played the video- a parody of Andy Samberg and T-Pain’s “On a Boat” video.  It was fantastic!  You could tell how much work they put into it.  I’m not sure what I liked more- the lyrics or the video of them in tuxes rapping on rooftops in Chicago.  Either way, hats off to them!

First DanceSteve and Annie’s first dance was to a song off of the Enchanted soundtrack.  Classic Annie.  Steve really is a good sport.  I don’t think he’s so much into the whole dancing thing, but he knows how much she is and what it means to her.  So naturally it was choreographed.  Lots of spinning on Annie’s part- which was great because her dress glistened from a million places when she did it.

Dancing and socializing went on until about 11:30.  The guys had taken my key earlier between the ceremony and reception to chill out for awhile in the hotel, so we just went back there for a minute.  Then we caught the shuttle to Ameristar across the street.  I was ready to go there- even though gambling isn’t really my thing (I’m sure that makes me a huge disappointment to my mom- her and my dad LOVE the slots).  I was hoping to hit up one of the multiple bars inside Ameristar, but we mostly just stuck around the casino floor.  Adam and Jeff were big on the roulette.  We found Steph and Anna there as well.  I wandered off with them for a while and sat to watch Steph play penny slots.  Then, I was kinda bored so I pulled out a few dollars and started pushing buttons.  I was under the influence, so I wasn’t really concentrating.  But my machine started getting pretty loud and Anna came over.  I was like, “what’s going on?  what does that mean?”  “Amy!  You just won $50!”  “Oh!”

After that, I cashed out pretty quickly.  I had drank too much to play anymore without losing it all.  So we went and found the boys.  I sat with one of the girlfriends (who’s like me- more there for atmosphere and drinks than the actual gambling). 

The next day was rough.  I woke up after only a few hours of sleep.  But I knew I had to get up if I wanted to make it in time for the Embassy’s yummy breakfast.  And I wanted to catch Annie and Steve while they were down there to say goodbye before they left for their honeymoon.  Even after I showered and had been getting ready, my eyes were red.  I blame the exhaustion and allowance of smoking in public (us kids in Illinois aren’t used to that anymore).  My parents laughed at me when they came to meet up.  It’s ok.  I’m glad they don’t freak out as much about their children being hungover as they used to. 

We originally planned to walk around at the Landing since it was All Star Weekend in St. Louis and alot of things were planned to be going on in that area.  But rain was in the air and it looked like we were going to get poured on.  So we went to the mall.  My mom was looking for a new dress for a few weddings coming up, so she wanted me to help her out with that.  And as soon as we got into the parking garage, it POURED.  We made a good choice.

I revisited Central West End to take them to dinner.  And then I revisited the casino scene because, as stated earlier, my parents love it.  And we had free rooms at Harrah’s.  Over All Star Weekend, this would normally be impossible.  But my parents are there that often, they worked it out.  Sad.  I hung out for a little while.  But I was almost a zombie at that point and couldn’t keep up with my mom’s excitement over the flashing lights.  So I snuck away to the hotel room and passed out during the second Cards/Cubs game that was being played.  I woke up to catch the last inning and did a mini cheer when the Cards won.  Then I went back to sleep.

The drive back wasn’t nearly as exciting just because the weekend was completely over and I was dreading work the next day.  And we were both tired still.  As soon as someone else took over driving, I closed my eyes and rested while listening to his own version of the classic rock playing on the radio.  Only good station we found in the middle of Illinois.   I got home and didn’t unpack.  Didn’t really do anything.  I was just kind of “around” until it was time for bed.  aaahhh…. back to my own bed with my fantastic pillows (that didn’t suck) and sheets and covers.  Lovely.


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