Seven Miles

Oh what an original title I’ve got today…  I’m sure you have absolutely no idea what I’m alluding to. 

Either way, first things first.  Let’s talk about how I fell asleep on my sofa last night at 10:30.  Lame.  Why so lame? Not because it was a Friday night and I should be out socializing, but because I was in the middle of a movie.  I was watching Invictus (a pickup from Red Box), and really was enjoying it.  I’m not always the biggest fan of Morgan Freeman, but he was great. Matt Damon usually is a favorite eye candy of mine, but I do have to say in this movie, he bulked up and was only so-so in my radar.  I’m more for tall and lean.  Just a preference.  Either way, I finally just stopped fighting all the exhaustion that had just hit me like a pile of bricks as soon as I got home from the gym.  I woke up at the end of it, but turned it off immediately and went to bed so I could finish it without knowing what happens (which I did get to see this morning).

Before my movie fail last night, I did do what I had guessed I would.  Wine and The Soup.  Actually, it was wine, The Soup, and a mushroom quesadilla.  Weird combination (on all accounts) but it was fantastic.Then again, cheese makes everything fantastic.

This morning I geared up for that seven miles I was talking about.  Won’t lie- when I saw it was already 80 degrees when I left the house, I got a wee bit nervous.  I did, however, plan ahead and packed plenty of water in my car so that I could stop and hydrate during one of my three loops on the trail if necessary.  Clearly, it was necessary.  I did neglect to bring any other form of energy with me.  This was a mistake because my last two miles sweating it out in the sun were pretty sluggish.  I finished the 7 miles at almost exactly an hour.  Evidence of my run is all in the tan line it left.  Even with the sunscreen (I’m being such a good girl!).

Thoughts?  Other than needing to pick up some energy blocks or that of a similar nature, I think it went ok.  The pace was lacking a bit, but I’m going to overlook that for now.  I was sluggish at the end, but not crawling.  So I’ll consider it a win. 

And I tried out my new Champion running shorts- I’ve never had actual running shorts with the inner lining.  I know, I know- crazy, but they kind of weirded me out. Then I saw them on sale during one of my many trips to Target.  They were freaking amazing.  And I need to acquire more. 

I also need to not plan a quick stop by the grocery store for after a long run.  The cashier looked less than thrilled to be helping the sweaty mess of a person that I was.  Sorry lady.

There was a little soreness in my hips, but nothing that a little yoga didn’t seem to take care of.  I’m good as new.  :)

I pulled a ghetto-fabulous move and sunbathed on my balcony this afternoon.  I would have trekked to the pool, but I was still pretty gross from the earlier run.  I decided to do humanity a favor and keep to myself until I had showered.

You’re welcome.

I’m showered now and will be out enjoying the rest of my day.  I hope you all are doing the same (shower not required, but preferred).


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