How To: Survive a Long Weekend of Sports

Hey there kiddos.

Pour yourself some coffee and pull up a seat. Today we’re going to talk about sports. Specifically how to survive an all-day celebration of the #4 (Mizzou) and #8 (KU) rivals playing each other. And then how to rally for the Super Bowl.

Really, it’s all about prep work. Starting as early as the night before.Carb loading. It’s not just for long runs.

Actually, it mostly is. Because you’ll need to get up to the alarm at 7:15 to make sure and start pumping coffee and some cereal in your system to kick-start the day and also to fuel a run before the sport shenanigans.

Run 6.7 miles. You’re starting to creep up there into the higher mileage. You don’t know if it was the early bed time or the coffee or just that you’re pretty awesome, but it was an easy run. 8:41 pace, so not quite the pace you’re hoping to hit in a few months, but still. Easy breezy.

Fuel up with more coffee and, for the love of God, take a shower. Head to your host’s house with a bottle of champagne and the donut version of Andrea’s cinnamon sugar muffinsDon’t coat them in cinnamon and sugar, cut back on the nutmeg and add icing instead. Because, that way, you get to use sprinkles. And everyone loves sprinkles. So clearly this means everyone will also love you. Double win.

Champagne brunch starts promptly at 1:30 because you’ll need to get to the bar super early to secure a table.  It is a big rivalry game, afterall.

Turns out you’re going to suck at getting to the bar early, but are still able to secure a table in the corner. Perfect size for two buckets or so of beer. Keep the buckets filled the entire night.

Jump up and down and dance your butt off when Mizzou wins.

Mizzou won.

Just making sure we’re soaking this information in.

Wake up the next morning. Wonder how you’ll be fully functional by kick-off, but a nice long walk and three cups of coffee oughta do it. Because if your heart isn’t racing, there’s something wrong…Another donut will help, too. The smartest thing you did all weekend was to save one back for yourself before packing the rest of them up to take to brunch. Pat yourself on the back.

Slowcook Sunday didn’t happen yesterday, but Megan more than made up with it by providing endless amounts of edibles covered in cheese and/or buffalo sauce.And there were brownies that arrived later. Because you wouldn’t attend a super bowl party that didn’t include dessert.

Dinner is literally buffalo chicken dip and brownies. To balance it, and make yourself feel better, dip mostly carrots and pea pods into the dip.

Totally healthy. 

Just smile and nod.

Leave before it’s over. Because your bed is calling. And so is an early morning workout that you will desperately need, and look forward to in a sick and twisted way. It’s possible you will sweat a combo of buffalo sauce and bud light. Don’t be surprised if the person next to you is doing the same.

Your workout is most likely not great. 2.1 miles on the tread before you sigh and take it down to a walk and then do the stairmill for another 20 minutes. Kudos for getting out there, but better luck tomorrow.

Because sometimes that’s just how you’re gonna wrap up a long weekend.

Time for you to pour another cup of coffee and go about your day.

Carry on…


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