Halloween Weekend Randomness

Not that long ago, the roomie and I had issues trying to figure out what to be for the most important holiday of the year. Well… one of the important ones. Depends who you ask.

But while shopping one afternoon in a desperate last attempt, she pulled out a pair of metallic blue tights and asked, “what can we do with these?”

Challenge accepted.

Sure, neither of us have read Cat in the Hat in the last decade. Minor detail.

Another minor detail? We hope to have no trick-or-treaters as we do not have any candy in the house.

Please don’t think we’re hateful. Our place is sort of off the beaten path and I’m pretty sure we didn’t get one knock last year.

But it’s true- no candy.

Let’s just hope they don’t think I’ll be giving up any of the Tastykakes that Kace, my former blogger bud, sent me.


They were the best surprise ever when I came home on Thursday night.

We’re not going to talk about how many I can consume in the course of an entire Sunday. We’re also not going to talk about the laziness that occurred on said Sunday.

Or maybe we will. The only time I even bothered to leave the house was to walk to Whole Foods to pick up dinner. It was clearly not going to make itself and, at the time, it made total sense to pay over twice as much for the premade stuff instead of just buying a can. I was even too lazy for the microwave. Which ended up getting used anyway because the overpriced soup was cold by the time I got home.

Fail on so many levels. #FirstWorldProblems

Naturally I sulked about it before going to bed an hour and a half early.

T’was a good weekend, though, full of good friends, an excess of good drinks, and a boy who is yet to run for the hills (I’m just as speechless about it as you are).

The weekend exhaustion hangover on Monday was worth it.

Now… if only we could get through the dreaded Tuesday…

Victory is mine!

Hey, remember that time the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series?

That was pretty neat. We can talk about it again if you’d like…?

No? Well… ok… But can we at least talk about the bet I won with Kace when they played the Phillies for the NLCS title? Because my winnings came in the mail yesterday:

Cue the angels singing and a spotlight coming down from the heavens.

Please understand- I’ve heard ramblings of the amazing Tastykake from some of the east coast girls for QUITE some time now. So when I had a chance to try some out? Count me IN.

My head was buzzing with excitement. Or from inhaling the smell of sugary goodness. Either/or.I shared with my friend at work (I’m SO nice) and we both dug into the Peanut Buttery Kandy Kakes first (we each had our own package- none of that splitting business). Because great minds think alike. And peanut butter and chocolate rock.The “cake” part was spongy and light and the thin layer of peanut butter on top confirmed what I already knew in my heart…

… I’d almost consider moving to Philly. Just for these babies.Good thing I can order them online and don’t have to. Whew…

Now the question is how long will they last? I offered to take some with me to St. Louis next week for the man friend. This will hopefully keep me from face planting in the tin they came in.

He gets me a massage… I bring him a tastykake. That’s fair, right?

If you say “no”, that just means you’ve never had a tastykake before.

Either way- a big thanks goes out to Kace. And the St. Louis Cardinals for winning. But mostly Kace. :)

Must be a week of new things (heeeeyyyy really awkward transition!). Or sorta new. Or “I haven’t done this in over a year” new.

I’m talking about yoga, people.

Yes, I dusted off the good ol’ Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown dvd (literally- it was  in the back of my media table that my dusting routine never reaches). After the same mix of cardio and weights for quite some time, it seemed appropriate to throw something new into the mix.

Plus I was sore from also breaking out Jillian’s Shred workout earlier in the week and running/ellipticalling sounded a little daunting.

My thighs are now burning thanks to both The Shred and Meltdown. It’s also embarrassing how few chatarunga push ups actually happened.

To be honest, even when doing the yoga dvd regularly (once or twice a week), I couldn’t do those stupid push ups.  Sooooo weak…

So that’s that- my meager attempt to make a few changes. Because I’m a big subscriber to the idea that “you can’t expect change when you’re not changing anything”. And let’s face it. I was in a rut. All cardio and the only action my weights were getting was when I was stubbing my toe on them as I walked by. Not cool.

So let’s do this, shall we? Happy Thursday!


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