My Feet Hurt. Part Two.

Before we realized my mistake... all smiles!

Before we realized my mistake... all smiles!

Laura and I woke up pretty groggy on Saturday morning.  I was a little nervous about how well I’d get through the night…  But I pushed for us to get moving.  I had to stop by the bank to cash a check.  I needed cash for the night- I hate only having a card when you’re at the bar.  It’s a mess and I’ve had issues with tips, cash only, splitting tabs, etc.  Cash was necessary.  So we did that.  Then, I tried to resolve my camera issue.  We ended up at Best Buy.  $40-50 for a new battery or charger (they weren’t sure what was wrong with it).  I said screw that.  I wasn’t even that big of a Casio Exilim fan anyways.  I’m a Canon whore.  I wasn’t about to put more money into a camera that I only kindof liked.  And, the pics were not always the best of quality.  So, on an impulse and last-minute decision, I bought a new camera.  And I love my new Canon Powershot Elph.  LOVE it.  Even though it wasn’t a planned purchase in the budget.  I’m making room.  I’m always that girl who has the camera stored in the purse.  Always.

Then, we looked for food.  We decided we really wanted salad.  Rockit reservations had been made for dinner and we saw the menu and knew what we wanted.  Something light was needed to balance that out.  Laura and I were in desperate search of a salad bar.  And got more and more frustrated as we visited a few grocery stores in the area and couldn’t find one.  Crabbiness set in.  Laura said screw it and went to Subway.  I said screw it and said I could eat something at home.  Both of us were disappointed.  It was one of those times where you really really want something and have your mind made up- and nothing else will satisfy you.  Or at least we thought so.  Laura got us both a cookie at Subway.  That made us feel better.  Working out also made us feel better.  Laura had been sick for a few weeks and hadn’t really been able to hit the gym, so she was reluctant.  I know how it is when you get out of routine, but I dragged her there anyways.  Afterwards, our energy level was way up.  Of course- Amy always knows best…

At 6:00, Annie came over and we were off to the metra stop.  We chatted it up until the guy came through to check/sell tickets.  Crap!  I forgot to put the cash I got out of the bank into my wallet!  ARGH.  What was even the point of going by the bank?!?!  Annie and Laura yelled at me for being upset about it- said I could hit them back if we didn’t pass by an ATM.  I have awesome friends.  So we continued to gossip some more, getting closer to our stop, and then it hit me- I didn’t have my id.  My id that I took out to cash a check at the bank was sitting right next to the cash I forgot.  Fuck.  I was livid.  Pissed!  FURIOUS.  How could I be such a dumbass?  Annie and Laura were much calmer than me.  Annie called The Central (location of my drink special) to see what we could do.  No luck.  But they did say they could delay the start of the special to whenever we showed up.  I called Jaime.  She was at Market Days.  But luckily, that meant she was only down the street from her apartment.  She was wonderful.  And let me borrow her car.  So we made our way to Jaime’s to turn around in her Beetle 10 minutes later.  Back to Arlington Heights we went.  I argued with Laura and Annie.  I wanted them to stay and still go enjoy dinner at Rockit.  Why should they have to suffer another hour of travel because I was the idiot?  But they refused.  I really do have a good circle of girlfriends.  Otherwise, I would have been bitching myself out the entire drive- probably becoming more and more angry with every mile.  But with them it wasn’t so bad.  I didn’t even mind driving Jaime’s little purple metallic beetle… it was a fun little change.

We got back a little before 10:00.  Let the drink special begin!  $25 for three hours- including various liquor that WAS NOT wells… gross.  While we were on the road, I made some calls and had Laura text people on my phone (hey- I was driving!).  I figured I had contacted almost everyone that I knew might be coming.  Success!  Since we missed our delicious meal at Rockit, we decided to eat at The Central.  As soon as we got there we ordered our food.  Starving…  And Annie ran to the bathroom.  She was a trooper and held it for over 45 minutes so we wouldn’t waste time.  I offered to stop, but she refused.  I have wonderful friends.

Annie broke out the brownies she had made for everyone coming.  She had actually broken out one for me earlier while I was in the middle of my panic attack.  They were delicious.  Carmel in the middle… yum!  When we got there, it was still kind of empty, but people started filing in soon enough. Brownie Cupcakes!

We took up the entire front corner of the bar.  Friends from college… friends from the NW ‘burbs… friends from work… friends of friends…  Quite a few people!  And we had quite a few drinks- more than necessary.  We took it upon ourselves to turn the front corner into a dance floor.  Even my friend chillin’ on Evian decided to get up to a song or two.  Michael Jackson was heavy on the playlist.  Which surprised me- it’s been a month.  We’ve all had our time.  It’s no longer necessary to play him every five songs- as talented as he may be.  But whatever- I was just happy as long as I could sway/jump around to the music. 

My college friends and work friends seemed to play nicely together.  Luckily, no stories leaked.  :)  Or at least none that I’m aware of…

Fun Times at The CentralPretty much everything went well.  The manager even came up to me at one point and bought a crazy amount of shots for everyone because of the ordeal we dealt with.  Which was funny- because really, it was my fault.  But I thought that was nice.  And he was nice looking.  A winning combination.  My only problem came near the end.  Apparently the bartenders got a little rude to some of us kids with wristbands.  And they cut the drink special a little early.  Apparently the phrase “party’s over” was used right before my friend Annie was walked away from.  I wasn’t aware that was going on- or I probably would have insisted we leave and go to a different bar after the end of the drink special.  People kept coming up to me asking- and I said we should just stay.  There were way too many people to try to gather and move from one location to another.  So we stayed until around 3:00.  Not too many people complained.  The Central is a pretty fun bar.  Music choice is a very random one.  A few times I made eye contact with people and we had looks of, “Is this really…?  Seriously?  Omg, I forgot about this song…. and it has a beat to it…  interesting…”

Annie’s fantastic husband, Steve, had joined us after he was done with work and offered to take us home.  So after the lights went on and we all started getting herded out the door, we walked to his car.  Which, in stillettos, is quite a hike.  Usually I don’t mind.  Usually, the drinks take care of the pain.  But Laura and I did our massive walking tour the night before, ran around doing errands, worked out, and danced for hours- my feet were done.  But I didn’t say a damn thing.  I was grateful for the ride and wasn’t going to whine.  But once I sat in the car, I sighed a sigh of relief.  My feet were crying on the inside. 

One last test of endurance came when we pulled up to my apartment door.  There was a skunk.  Laura and I had to run.  We were not skunked.  But it killed my poor feet…

It turned out to be a good night.  I have wonderful friends.  Maybe being 24 won’t be so bad?


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