The Real Sister Wives of DC

Worst weekend EVER.

For reals. I couldn’t stand another minute with these girls.

Don’t let the smiles food you. This was the end of the weekend and we were sad. And tired. And hungry. Why were we smiling, again?

Ok, fine. That’s a lie. I love them.

Our wild night out. Don’t underestimate a large group of sexy girlies on a mission to make the weekend epic. ;)

Truly love them.

After a delay and a seat buddy who reaked of vodka and was doing who knows what with his hands under the seat tray, I ran into the arms of Miss Kelly as soon as my flight landed in Washington DC on Friday afternoon. We were the last to arrive to the party going on at Kacy’s pad, but it didn’t take long until we sat down for dinner and endless bottles of vino.

Our first dinner out was at Neyla in Georgetown. We were able to snag an outdoor spot as to enjoy the crazy muggy weather.

When dining with friends from the interwebz, you’d think there’d be an awkward silence or two. There was only one. When we were stuffed in the back of a taxi in the 90-degree weather. And that was due only to the silent prayers we were all saying in hopes our build up of back sweat didn’t roll onto the person we were sitting next to/on. A necessity more than awkward silence.

We all went with some sort of eggs for brunch on Saturday. I think it was the desire for protein- after a long night of wine and lip syncing to Boys II Men, you need your energy back. Especially if you plan to meander the city for an entire day.

Our second dinner out was at Founding Farmers. A spot so popular, the only reservation we could get was at 4:45 in the afternoon. It’s unfortunate I didn’t also have my AARP card handy, huh?

If you don’t believe me, just ask our waiters/bartenders/neighboring restaurant patrons. The poor souls. Most who dealt with us were flushed with embarrassment.

We were all pretty satisfied with our decision to hit up Founding Farmers- the cornbread made me want to melt in a puddle of happiness on my seat.
Hmm. That sounds gross. But you know what I mean.

At Founding Farmers, I went with Chicken Spring Pie- one of their signature dishes. At about 5 minutes in, I exclaimed “oh my goodness, I’m going to eat this entire pie”. Who wouldn’t? It was chicken, spinach, and cheeeeeese. I think everyone would have been disappointed with me if I didn’t.

But I think that’s how it should be with our lil’ group. We’re opinionated and honest. Smart and sassy. A dangerously perfect combo of traits that made the weekend go by way too fast.

Another dangerously perfect combo is five girls and endless amounts of wine. The second night, after wandering aimlessly around the city all day and a large dinner that evening, we were spent. Every single one of us were satisfied with the idea of retiring for the night. So instead of glamming up and going out, we stayed in and opted for a night of wine, The Lion King, and hair braiding.

Yes, girls still do the hair braiding thing. And yes, Disney made several appearances in our weekend.

Since I was flying in, Kacy was lovely enough to supply pillows and blankets. You know you’re jealous of my Aerial blanket. Just admit it.

I imagine the next week or so will be spent rehashing some of the best moments. Like recruiting the door guy at a bar into our own personal bodyguard/shot provider. Or trying to explain to the adventurous man who infiltrated our group that his first line should not be “so I’m a lip gloss model”.

No seriously dude- don’t say that.

After that? Who knows.

I do know that right now I’m tired and sad the weekend is over.

Thank you goes to out to Kacy, Kelly, Jess and Steph. It was a lovely weekend of gossip, laughing, and 50 Shades references. I cannot wait until we cross paths again. Which will hopefully be planned and sooner than later. It’s been decided we are sister wives and I would rather not suffer too much separation anxiety.

Happy Monday, peeps. Let’s do it to it.

Friday Fly By

Why hello there.

As I write this, I am enjoying a peaceful breakfast at home.Toast. Because I’m out of milk and eggs or anything else that involved more than the last two pieces of bread in my house. T’was an easy choice.

And yes, the puzzle is coming along quite nicely, thanks for asking. But if I had to do it again, I’d be smarter about picking one out that fits on the table better. Sure, the dimensions are not as big as the coffee table itself. However, I failed to plan for all the pieces being spread out and about. Logistics fail.

Hopefully my roomie doesn’t finish it before I get back. Because yes- it is finally time for me to get my butt on a plane to Washington DC to see Kacy, Kelly, Jess and Steph.

It’s only a short weekend trip, but I’m still calling it a mini-vacation. Because I can.

I’m also not really planning any super workouts this weekend, unless walking around the city and dancing counts. Firstly, because two days sans exercise isn’t going to kill anyone. And secondly, I preferred to pack an extra pair of heels in my luggage instead of the gym shoes.


Seriously. Fitting everything into carry-on is a pain in the ass.

However, I would have felt a TAD guilty to consume all the food and drinks without any sort of fitness at all, so I went running this morning to counterbalance it all.

3.3 miles will not cover the caloric surplus I’m bound to hit. Not by any means. But along with all the planned walking/dancing, every little bit helps, right?

And I can spend an extra-long Monday workout thinking over all the fun we had.

Sounds like a plan to me!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

We Can Walk There


Here I am at the end of my vacation (insert “booooooo” here).  There’s so much to say and so little time to do it… so I’ll summarize the highlights for you:

-Interesting people are found on planes.  The worst that I spotted was a mother and son team that matched.  Not coordinated for a family photo- but matched as they were walking through an airport.  Mother and daughter coordinating I get… but really- that poor kid.    Loeb’s Deli was where we ate as soon as we got to DC and were on our way out to explore.  It was also the place where I got assaulted by a crazy old woman in the bathroom for “crowding her at the sink”.  I was leaning in the mirror and fixing my makeup.  But apparently that’s reason enough for a good shove and cursing.  Good to know.

– It’s hot in DC.  Like super hot.  Which is unfortunate for when you decide to walk EVERYWHERE.  But we persevered.  And perspired.  And covered some serious mileage during our trip.  Check out a few of the sights we walked to:– I realized that boy will be boys. As my brother and I were taking this picture, there were two men to the side of us making the Washington Monument strategically placed in their picture to look like a penis.  They were probably 60.  Hence the knowing smiles my brother and I possess in this picture.

– I had interesting eats all weekend.  My favorite restaurant?  Madhatter in Dupont Circle.  I had the Alice Burger, which was a veggie burger.  I wasn’t as huge of a fan of how chunky all the veggies in it where, and it fell apart when I bit into it.  But the sweet potato fries were awesome!

– My favorite restaurant is different than my favorite meal.  The fav plate of food was breakfast on the last day when we went to Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe.  It was a book store, cafe, and bar all in one!  They pretty much give you an excuse to sit and never leave… love it.I had a waffle craving and this was killer.  Funny that my favorite meal was so standard- but sometimes that’s just what you’re looking for…

– Because of the days and days of walking and walking and walking, I didn’t officially workout.  I tried once to go to the fitness center to do weights.  But turns out the only weights they had were also part of the first weight machine ever made.  Whatev.  They were the first thing I did when I got to the gym last night once I got back home.  No worries!– This is my favorite picture.  My mom is yet to embrace the new technology we like to call the “digital camera”.  We often take two pics.  One with the digital for fun.  Then one for the “real” camera.  – Needless to say, the fam had a great vacation!  It was the first time my brother and I had ever been there- and we crammed in everything we could.  My favorite part was probably the American History Museum.  Or Ford Theater.  Or Arlington…. I’m overwhelmed with choices!

-Now it’s back to normal.  And unpacking.  Ugh- unpacking is worst than packing.  I’ll probably just live for a week out of my suitcase… before I have to pack it again for the Healthy Living Summit!  Such a hard life… :p

Have a wonderful and lazy Sunday everyone!


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