400 Words on Indy

Good morning!

So I last left you on Friday discussing how I was done with my massive project at work.

Fast forward a few hours when my bud Mon and I were traveling towards Indianapolis for our friend D’s big wedding weekend. Every other sentence coming out of my mouth was complete and utter nonsense.

Mon let it go. She reasoned it was mostly my mind finally relaxing after two weeks and it just  had no idea what to do with itself. I accepted this logic and continued to observe our surroundings (ie corn fields) as we drove south.

“Do you smell milk?”

“What?” This time, it was I who looked at Mon like she was completely nuts.

“No seriously, it smells like yogurt or something…. OMG LOOK!”
BAM. Dairy farm. A cheese factory, adventureland, lunch cafe, gift shop and birthing barn. I’m sure you can guess what happens next:
Only the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had in my life. It may have been the fresh havariti. It may have been the bacon. I’m really not quite sure. But I would totally drive an hour out of Chicago to get another one.

Plus, you get the opportunity to see birthings.
Like woah.

It was at about this point when we realized the time zone crossover was not working on our favor and we would be late if we didn’t get back on the road.

But we made it with plenty of time to spare. And D’s wedding was beautiful.

It was held in a courtyard. Just up the street from an awesome wine bar- where they had a small reception.

A reception that involved shallots wrapped in bacon and every other kind of cheese and bread and dessert imaginable.

Oh… and a cupcake decorating table.

It may or may not have been for the kids. Minor details.

After a fabulous wedding, a full day touring Indy, a few good drinks…

… some fabulous comfort food…

… I was exhausted.

And also lacking anything other than meat, cheese, and bread in my system.

Our trip home on Sunday was much less energetic (too much cheese and carbs?). Still good conversation and a few good renditions of some sweet power ballads, but tiredness was apparent.

Thank goodness for hole in the wall diners along the interstate.

The massive pitcher of syrup… glorious.

No really… it’s good stuff. Even if it was just more carb overload.

And that, my friends, is a quick summary of the jam-packed weekend.

Excuse me while I go get a salad… for breakfast…

Question of the day:

Favorite power ballad?

I’m a fan of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Love of a Lifetime”. Beware if either come on the radio when I’m around. Like my friend Mon was this weekend. Poor thing.

Thinking is Overrated

The other day, someone found my humble lil’ blog by searching the term “I hate thinking.”

You know what, buddy? I do too.

Especially on the weekend. It’s supposed to be reserved for fun. And besides, thinking is highly overrated.

And since it is Monday and I am STILL too tired to think, here is just another list of things to sum up where I’ve been:The man friend scored some tix to Game 4. It was hard to watch and we lost. Sadness.

So we decided to make ourselves feel better.No, we did not buy matching shoes. That’s gross. We met up with one of my friends and did some serious bowling.

I was horrible and broke two nails. But it was fun. And the drinks continued to flow. So we’ll call it a win.

Another thing that made me smile? Trippy stairs…Because I am amused by the smallest things, the stairs that continued to change colors at the hotel where we stayed kept me amused for no less than 20 minutes.

The next day, instead of running or any of that active nonsense, we strolled a sculpture park.I enjoy random things like this. Had I actually had any energy, you can bet your bottoms I’d be climbing that thing.

But then again, maybe that would have been a bad idea:Now come on. Really? Were there budget cuts? Do they not have tape that lasts 24 full hours?

There is one hour of the day where shit gets REAL. So watch yourself.

After that, I found my way over to my friend Mary’s house. She’s a total dear and lets me stay with  her when I need to.She even gets fresh cut flowers for the occasion. Cardinal themed (of course). Her husband also enjoys when I come to visit. Mostly because that means the bathrooms get cleaned. Win win.

Because her husband and my man friend were in the wedding, Mary and I were each other’s dates to the ceremony and reception. The ceremony was held at a greenhouse in one of the bigger St. Louis parks (Forest Park). And the reception was in an old ballroom in the Central West End area.That is a happy Amy face. Because we were having a good time and they served heavy appetizers as the meal. Chicken skewers and stuffed portabellos were dominated by yours truly. WIN.

Oh and the dress? It was awesome. I need to publicly thank Mon for letting me borrow it. And also publicly announce I will be dry cleaning it.If you look closely, as I fill up my cup with vodka from the ice shot luge, you’ll see some spillage. An old lady rammed into my friend who consequentially rammed into me. The dress broke the fall of her drink. 

Sigh. This is why I can’t have nice things.

After a fun time at the reception and a fun time out at the bars afterwards, I can officially say St. Louis kicked my butt.

My friend drove home as I groaned about exhaustion and hunger.Gas station finds are fun. Until they’re gone and leaving you completely spazzed out on sugar.

Luckily I have a good friend who recognized the issue and promptly pulled off to get us some Arby’s. I smiled a smile of contentment and food coma the rest of the way home to Chicago.

Spent the rest of my evening at home baking (Yay for the sweet swap!) and watching the St. Louis Cardinals make the the World Series and the Chicago Bears prove they’re still a somewhat respectably good team.

And that, my friends, is how you do a big weekend in St. Louis and back. Excuse me while I go do a major overhaul on my health habits.


Wedding Weekend Winners

Because it’s hard to sum up the entire weekend in one little blog post, I figured just touching on a few highlights is the way to go…1. We were never short of good food. The rehearsal dinner was held at Mike Shannon’s Steakhouse, the wedding was catered by the Sheraton Hotel (where the reception was), and there was never a shortage of bagels, hors d’oeuvres, wedding cake and drive-thru. You can understand how I’m dealing with the weekend hangover this morning…

2. My friend Mary is beautiful. She naturally glows. But on her wedding day?She was beautiful. Even before the dress.After the dress, she didn’t look too shabby, either.  :)

3. Speaking of dresses, friends don’t let friends lace up alone.We’ve had the dresses and had them hemmed and whatnot over the last few months. I knew it was coming. There was no zipper. And it’s not pictured here, but girls were bracing themselves on door frames as the other girls threw all their muscle into pulling those laces and officially trapping us in a steel cage corset. It’s also not shown when three or four girls at a time would line up to fix the corsets. Kind of like in elementary school when you’d have a train of hair getting french braided.

Now, I sort of loved how skinny those dresses made me and all the lovely girls look. And my posture has never been better. However, I did have issues performing all of my maid of honor duties. As in, I couldn’t lean over/kneel down to straighten Mary’s dress during the ceremony. It ran the risk of me falling over and tearing her dress in the process, my strapless bra popping out in front of the crowd or me having to ask my friend Laura (who was next to me) to help me back up because I got stuck. No bueno.

Her dress was never that messed up from behind. She did a good job whipping it around as she walked. So I don’t feel so bad…

4. It was a wee bit humid on Saturday. Not awful, but pictures downtown on the cobblestone roads were cut short due to periods of light rain. After taking pictures for 2.5 hours, we were sort of ok with this.  

Also, when taking pictures in alleys, be prepared to know how to smile as you hold your nose. Garbage dumpsters do not smell pretty in the middle of the summer in St. Louis, Missouri. Word.Party buses are always a good idea. Even when you have a massive wedding party of 20.  Because people will have dates, make sure to get a bus that seats at least 32. And have sandwiches delivered to the bus for as soon as the ceremony is over. And make sure you have enough champagne and beer. Otherwise you will have to stop the bus. And it’s very had to park one of such a massive size in front of a convenience store. Just sayin’.

Also a good idea? Having your roommate for the night (hi Eva!) as your date. Eva was Mary’s unofficial wedding planner of the day- helping with the dresses/hair/makeup, keeping the boys in check, carrying things from the hotel to the church to the party bus to the reception hall, etc etc. Poor thing got put to WORK. 

Other good ideas? Clean and clear oil blotting sheets because Missouri is the most ridiculously humid place ever. And taking your shoes off before dancing on the seats of a party bus.

5. My toast was a success! I kept it short and sweet (and a little sassy because that’s how I roll).

Sadly, though, I could not raise my glass to toast with everyone else when I was done. My hand was shaking hard enough to where I’m sure all I would have done was pour champagne on myself…

6. Mary’s gift to Casey may have been the coolest thing EVER.Mary’s husband had said from day one how he wanted an ice shot luge. We all laughed and dismissed it. Then, Mary decided that would be her wedding gift to him. She’s kind of the coolest.

The shot they poured through all night was “tiger blood”. Some of you may know this shot well by a different name (ahem… red headed sluts).

This was one of my favorite shots in college. But I promise I only had one.

Ok… two…

6. Bring flippy floppies to dance the night away. 4-inch heals are not conducive to dancing all night. Only one or two girls had to learn this the hard way.

7. By the end of the night, after the reception was over, it was STORMING. At about 12:30, the power in the entire hotel went out. This dampered the after-wedding festivities.

Luckily, because I was exhausted from being up since 7:00 that morning, I was ready to turn in.

8. When the power is out and the storm continues, weird things happen. Like the alarms getting tripped at about 2:00 in the morning. This meant there was a message repeating over their sound system for 10 minutes (the back-up generators had some things still working). And lights blinking on and off in all the rooms for 10 minutes. Sleep was not easy to come by.

9. I ate like a garbage disposal on Sunday. My friend who rode to St. Louis with me (he also had a wedding) was amazed how I out-ate him. On every stop we made.

I blame the bridesmaid dress- not being able to breath deeply also meant eating was a little difficult. Who woulda guessed that?


This was the end of my crazy June. It’s bittersweet. I’m happy to have a few weekends of downtime. But starting with our crazy bachelorette trip to Vegas and ending with a gorgeous wedding of two of the most genuinely wonderful people I’ve met, I’ll be sad to see it end. The girls in the wedding party are girls I keep up with, but rarely get to see since our college days.

I told Mary she and Casey should probably get vows renewed and throw one of these little shindigs once or twice a year.

I’ll save you from discussing the look she shot me when I suggested the idea… yikes!

Whew. That was longer than I realized it would be. But I’m done. Or at least I have to be- time to run errands and get ready for a Cubs game! Peace out, homies!


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