Sunday Afternoon Bender

I don’t like to shop for myself.

I know this screws up my whole “girly girl” persona, but it stresses me out. Shopping trips are dreaded almost as much as a trip to the dentist.

Helping friends find something they’re looking for? Ok, I’ll totally go along.

For myself? Blah…

Just like dentist trips, I need to start rewarding myself with ice cream at the end…

Anyway- maybe it was because I used to live in close proximity to the 5th (something like that) largest mall in the United States that came hand in hand with overwhelming anxiety and insane crowds. Or maybe it’s because I never truly have a lot of disposable income burning in the ol’ pocket.  Whatever the reason, I just don’t like it.

Online shopping is my friend.

However, I am a girly girl and was actually needing a nice cocktail dress for my friend’s rehearsal dinner and one or two staples in the summer wardrobe for work/casual affairs. Not “want”. “Need”. There’s a difference.

And that’s how I went on a bender…

Mon came down to see my new apartment and have a lil’ Sunday Funday downtown.

And this is how I experienced, for the first time, all that is The Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue.It’s astounding how much bigger this place looks from the inside- you just keep going up and up and up! And the jellyfish display for Shedd Aquarium was also pretty cool.  Ohhhhh pretttttyyyyy…

Wait… what was I talking about?

Oh yeah- 3 hours later, my credit card was exhausted and I was already trying to figure out what returns I’d be making in the next couple of weeks.

Or not. I mean… maybe I’ll just eat ramen for a few months to make ends meet?

However, that would probably lead to malnourishment. And then all the clothes bought on Sunday probably wouldn’t fit.

I just can’t win.

Either way, it’s safe to say, even with returning a few things, I’m set for the rehearsal dinner. And summer. Hooray!

Instead of ice cream for our success (let’s not live in TOO much excess), we decided dinner would be appropriate.

I chose Wishbone- a southern cooking restaurant that I’ve been to once before, but it’s so good, I had no problems going back.When shopping is your cardio for the day, it’s important to carb load with free cornbread.

All I could do was rave about the blackened catfish salad I had the last time, so when it was nowhere to be found on the menu (the menu changed after 15 months- imagine that), I had to switch it up with the blackened catfish entrée:Let’s discuss…

Rarely do I ever love coleslaw. If it’s too vinegar-y, I won’t touch it. This shiz was JUST right.

Also, I love sweet potatoes, but I never make them this decadent. They were above and beyond. I know the milk used wasn’t fat-free. And in every bite was a hint of pecans and brown sugar. Beautiful. The definition of delusionally happy.

After our little exploration of the city, we meandered (or waddled?) back to my place where Mon kindly offered to help me unload some odds and ends.Even with all the changes going on in my life this month, I know one thing for sure-

The two of us will never grow up.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday. So uh… good luck.  ;)

Stupid Tuesdays…

Southern Hospitality

This month was Jaime’s month to figure out where we would be going to lunch.  She had it limited down to a tapas place close to where they live.  Turns out, as I’m looking through the website on Friday, I realized I had already been there.  Oops… And one of the rules (yes, we have rules in lunch club) is that it has to be a place where no one has already eaten.  So Jaime started looking again.  And that’s how we ended up at Wishbone.

I’ve heard of Wishbone, but had never been there.  We went to the Lakeview location. I got there kind of early, so I put our name on the wait list and waited for everyone else.  This creepy thing stared at me while I waited…. alone… scared and vulnerable…Roosters are scary.  I don’t care what anyone else says.

So everyone arrived and we were seated with a view of some colorful and fun yet slightly odd artwork: The whole restaurant was open, colorful and fun.  Which I liked alot.  We were there at a time on Saturday that fell into the “Weekend Brunch” menu.  Everything looked like a winner, but here’s the lineup: I had the blackened catfish salad with garlic vinagrette (don’t worry- I wasn’t making out with anyone yesterday).  Once I looked at the menu, I knew I wanted that blackened catfish some way or another.  Shockingly, I wasn’t feeling like breakfast at the time, so I went the salad route.  And it was awesome.  I’m pretty sure it was one of my favorites of all our lunch outtings.  The catfish was perfect.  The vinagrette was just flavorful enough.  Fabulous. Jaime had the andouille hash with scrambled eggs.  She let me sneak a bite and the chicken sausage was really spicy!  Yumm… Cathryn chose the black bean patties and scrambled eggs.  After she was done, she was all smiles in food coma land.  So I assume it was tasty. Scott went with the cheese omelette with a side of cheese grits and bacon.  Believe it or not, with my farmland background, I had never tried grits before.  I tried his.  Not a fan.  There’s just nothing really exciting about them I guess?  I just shrugged and was like, “eh”.  I didn’t hate grits.  But I doubt I would ever order them for myself.  Good to know.

Scott and Jaime had a bloody mary or two and Cathryn tried out the mimosa selection.  Cathryn raved about the pomegranate mimosa, but S & J are always hard up to find a bloody mary better (and cheaper) than what they get at Salt and Pepper Diner.

All in all, another win for lunch club!  :)  We’re 6 for 6 on being well-fed and happy. Not to get cocky, but we’re kind of awesome.  Next month is my pick- clearly there’s a little bit of pressure…  But no worries!  I’ve got a few options in mind that will hopefully be mixing it up a bit!  ;)

I noticed this sign on the way out.  Kinda liked it! After we parted ways, I headed straight home.  My aunt and cousin were visiting my cousin Niki who lives here and they were going to stop by my place because they hadn’t seen my new place since I moved (I moved in June- but really, I always go to Niki’s place, never the other way around).  She’s the one running the Shuffle with me, so we discussed meet up times and the race in general.  So excited! 

I did end up running 3 miles before we met up for lunch club.  Nothing “hurt”, so I’m hoping I was just sitting there freaking out over silliness.  Because I knew I was only going to run the three, I decided to turn it into a 5k, pump myself up, and see what my time was looking like.  I clocked it at about 25:50.  Not bad!  Hopefully, before Annie and I do Run for the Cheetah, I can shave off a little more time.  After I got back and the fam had left, I did The Shred before calling it another lazy night.  I’m thinking it might be time soon for Jillian and I to take our relationship one step further… to Level 3.  Not today… but soon.  Either way, I’m getting tired of Level 2- that combination strength move with a cheer squat involved kills me.  EVERY time.  If I were a grunter, that would be the part where it happens.  Instead, it’s more of an exhausted and whiney squeal.  It burns!


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