Full House Flashback

Something amazing happened the other day, my friends.

The roomie had a lil’ spark of motivation and decided to try out the whole early morning gym routine with me this week. What? You really are asking to get up super early to trudge to the gym with me to work out when sleeping in is one of your favorite things?

You got it, dude!(Source)

I was happy to have someone around once again to make me that much more accountable for waking up and going.

However, we both pouted on the way home when the smell of the bakery up the street reached our nostrils. Do they really have to go and start baking doughnuts right after my 50 minutes of cardio?

How rude.(Source)

Especially when everything I’ve been eating as of late is horrifically unoriginal.Oh hey there book that really wasn’t that interesting and baked mac and cheese from a couple of weeks ago! On the advice of many of you, instead of overdosing on it last week (I was very close to literally turning into a noodle), the remainders were frozen. But since I’m not feeling overly creative in the kitchen, and quite lazy if we’re going to be honest about it, it’s getting broken out earlier than anticipated.

Although I did bother to turn on the oven and roast those vegetables. So that’s something.

That’s also the reason I’ll publicly apologize to my coworkers for warming up the brussels sprouts in the break room yesterday. Sorry dudes. I know they smell weird.

I’ll cut it out…(Source)

Anyway, somehow we’ve managed to make it through the week (almost). After having a really short week, there was concern this week would drag.

Oh wait, it did. But no more than usual.

Friday is so close I can almost smell it. Or is that sweet smell of doughnuts again from my early morning walk home from the gym?

Have mercy…(Source)

Oh and some peeps were asking about our little stuffed giraffe under the tree:That would be Adler. He came to us on the day it was over 100 degrees outside, our power went off, our food all went bad due to said power outage, my birthday plans were then up in the air, our basement flooded due to ridiculous rain, and the roomie was having a less than desirable day at work. As I was picking up a massive cooler at Target to salvage what food was left, Adler caught my eye. He’s now a part of the family. Along with the Woolly Mammoth, “Woolly” (duh).

And now that we’ve adequately explained yet another “crazy” about me, let us carry on with out day…


Last Chance Workout(s)

Hey there.

I’m not at work today. Jealous?

Don’t be. I’ve got a 5-hour drive ahead of me. All by my lonesome. Well… and the random new tunes I’ve put on the ol’ iPod. Nine Inch Nails was added alongside Journey and Gym Class Heroes.

I don’t get it, either.

Anyway, even though I’m leaving a little later in the morning, I still got up and threw on my kicks for a last chance workout.

I had one last night, too.

It’s been an intense and exhausting 18 hours around here. And I’ll tell you why. It has something to do with this dress:Cute, right?

It’s my friend Mon’s dress. She bought it for a wedding she attended a few weeks ago. I was hot on the hunt for a dress of my own and she suggested I try it on.

I was nervous about this. Because… well… look at the evidence:Mon won’t hate me for this. Probably.

But we can easily point out the 6-inch difference in height (She’s the red head, my other love, Annie, is the blonde). And that she’s um… got a little more going on up top than I do. Or she will actually fill out a dress. I won’t. As much as I loved it, I didn’t think it would work.

She told me to shut up and try it on.

I did. It fits. Somehow. We’ve decided it will become the tale of the magical traveling gold dress.

Thanks Mon.

So anyway, the dress has been hanging on my closet door like that for 2-3 weeks. If you ever need motivation, I suggest you try it.

Last night I ran 4 miles. Then did 20 minutes on the stairs. The stairs sucked- the legs were tired, but I had too much energy left to stop.

Then this morning was my last planned workout for the week.

Even if I’m well aware of the treadmill in the basement of my friend’s house in St. Louis…

But anyway, the roommate was slightly stunned to see me up and following along to Jillian on the television as she was heading out to work. Pretty sure there was a mumbling of  “crazy girl” or something like that as she walked out. 

*shoulder shrug*  It’s the dress, man. Makes you do crazy things.

Then I ran through the rain to get to the gym to pull out 2 more miles. They were total crap. Soooooo sloooooowwwww. But I wanted cardio with my weight training. And the 2 miles put me at 14 for the week- a steady lead in the competition for most mileage of the week with my man friend. Holla’.

Now for rest. As I drive for 5 hours. Hopefully not hitting any traffic.

Cue the Nine Inch Nails…

PS- We will discuss the curling iron wand. Promise. Because I’m a huge fan. For real.

And with that, I’m out!

How To Fake It

I always giggle a little when people comment on Mon and my banter.

Because sure, we’re entertaining. Or at least I like to think so. But it’s not like that all the time. Example? As I was cooking dinner in my kitchen on Monday, she was reading the newspaper. No talking. No laughing. Just silence.

Even the coolest kids can be boring. Just don’t let that get around… ;)

And the dress I spoke of? You can actually see it here. I wore it on my birthday last year. You just can’t go wrong with a simple mini dress. It’s not possible. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. And because it IS a mini dress, you can see why I’ve been stepping it up in the gym the last week or two.

To be clear- I’m a firm believer that a little extra working out here and there the two weeks before a vacation WILL NOT make a difference in how I look. Seriously. Do you think anyone (even me) is going to notice that .2 of an inch I lost at the waist for doing so? No. In college, I used to shake my head at the “spring breakers” who would want to lose 5 pounds in two workout sessions the week before spring break.

“Like, oh my gaaaawwwwwwd. I work out for like 15 minutes and nothing happened. I really need to lose 15  pounds before the weekend. Oh my gaaawwwwwd,” as they sip on their 600-calorie post-workout smoothie.

Not happening unless you run a marathon or two on the treadmill while you’re here. And then not eat anything afterwards.

Which I do not encourage (let’s get that straight). One shot of tequila and you’ll pass out for the rest of your spring break. And surely you don’t want to do that. The wet t-shirt contest would lose one of their strongest contenders. Devastating.

However, I am a firm believer in fake it until you make it. And if that extra 15 minutes on the elliptical or session of The Shred makes me feel better about myself running around half-naked for an entire weekend? Well hell- I’ll rock it out.


And I have been. The Shred happened last night after work and Mon met me for another early morning workout this morning. 22 on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the stairs. Before I left the gym, some ab work even happened- a move that often gets nixed from the agenda when short on time.

As rough as those first 5 minutes are every morning, I’ve yet to regret a workout after I’m done. Starting the rest of my day is easier. And I feel good about myself. Win-win.

Tonight is going to be restful. Partially because I want to do another longer run tomorrow (oh my gaaaaaaawwwwdddd- my race is coming up!). And partially because there has to be at least some time reserved for, I dunno, packing?

Oh… and Modern Family.



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