Victory is mine!

Hey, remember that time the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series?

That was pretty neat. We can talk about it again if you’d like…?

No? Well… ok… But can we at least talk about the bet I won with Kace when they played the Phillies for the NLCS title? Because my winnings came in the mail yesterday:

Cue the angels singing and a spotlight coming down from the heavens.

Please understand- I’ve heard ramblings of the amazing Tastykake from some of the east coast girls for QUITE some time now. So when I had a chance to try some out? Count me IN.

My head was buzzing with excitement. Or from inhaling the smell of sugary goodness. Either/or.I shared with my friend at work (I’m SO nice) and we both dug into the Peanut Buttery Kandy Kakes first (we each had our own package- none of that splitting business). Because great minds think alike. And peanut butter and chocolate rock.The “cake” part was spongy and light and the thin layer of peanut butter on top confirmed what I already knew in my heart…

… I’d almost consider moving to Philly. Just for these babies.Good thing I can order them online and don’t have to. Whew…

Now the question is how long will they last? I offered to take some with me to St. Louis next week for the man friend. This will hopefully keep me from face planting in the tin they came in.

He gets me a massage… I bring him a tastykake. That’s fair, right?

If you say “no”, that just means you’ve never had a tastykake before.

Either way- a big thanks goes out to Kace. And the St. Louis Cardinals for winning. But mostly Kace. :)

Must be a week of new things (heeeeyyyy really awkward transition!). Or sorta new. Or “I haven’t done this in over a year” new.

I’m talking about yoga, people.

Yes, I dusted off the good ol’ Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown dvd (literally- it was  in the back of my media table that my dusting routine never reaches). After the same mix of cardio and weights for quite some time, it seemed appropriate to throw something new into the mix.

Plus I was sore from also breaking out Jillian’s Shred workout earlier in the week and running/ellipticalling sounded a little daunting.

My thighs are now burning thanks to both The Shred and Meltdown. It’s also embarrassing how few chatarunga push ups actually happened.

To be honest, even when doing the yoga dvd regularly (once or twice a week), I couldn’t do those stupid push ups.  Sooooo weak…

So that’s that- my meager attempt to make a few changes. Because I’m a big subscriber to the idea that “you can’t expect change when you’re not changing anything”. And let’s face it. I was in a rut. All cardio and the only action my weights were getting was when I was stubbing my toe on them as I walked by. Not cool.

So let’s do this, shall we? Happy Thursday!

Running Naked

Do you do it? 

I’m talking about without a Garmin/mileage counter/watch/etc. 

Get your head out of the gutter.  Seriously.

I did it yesterday.  The plans were to go do a run and the last few weeks have all been spent doing them in the gym because of the heat/time/etc.  So when I made the last-minute decision to go to the trail, I was a little unprepared. 

The humidity was a bit of a shock to my system.  I had started to really get used to the climate-controlled workout room.  Won’t lie- I wasn’t feeling the running so much yesterday.  And when I’m not feeling it, I try not to push it.  What’s the point?  So I did one loop on the trail – about 2.5 miles, and then walked.  And walked.  And walked some more.  I wasn’t feeling the running, but the walking was another story.  At 80 degrees, it was a gorgeous day.  And it gave me a good time to call and catch up with some people while doing so.  Because I’m all about the multi-tasking.

Do I like running without my Nike+ or treadmill keeping me on task?  In all honesty- not really.  I like having something that keeps me aware.  I like using it as a guage.  And I’m terribly ocd about it.  Now I don’t know my stats!!  This makes me very uncomfortable…

I’m also all about the yoga once again.  Not really, but I did it.  I feel so awful- once things started to get kind of crazy busy in July with this and that, yoga was the first thing I cut out to save time.  And hadn’t been reintroduced back into my schedule since.

Don’t worry- yesterday I was reminded of how this was a mistake.  I do Jillian Michael’s yoga meltdown (not a huge fan of traditional yoga).  The chatarunga pushups were a painful reminder that I should probably do the dvd more often… aaaahhhh…. I’m so weak.

After all that, I broke out some pasta we received at HLS last week:For some reason or another, I’m not huge on making pasta at home.  I think because my breakfast is so carb-heavy, I just don’t ever crave heavy carbs like pasta later on.  A couple hours of running/walking will change this.

Good to know.

I kept it pretty simple.  I sauteed mushrooms to go into the tomato sauce and “pulled an Annie” from last week by laying it all on a bed of spinach.I like the veggie shells.  But still prefer my regular whole wheat pasta.  It’s all in the texture, man.

Speaking of Annie, she and I headed out for a little night of fun in the ‘burbs.  We didn’t know what we wanted to do, we just knew we wanted to do something.  For us, “something” ended up being giggling about college years on the patio of Lamplighters, a little hole-in-the-wall in downtown Palatine, for half the night.  It’s amazing, and somewhat shocking, how long it’s been since we’ve graduated.  :(  Time flies, doesn’t it?  But it’s still so much fun to reminisce about with good friends- love my Annie!  At some  point, we jumped across the train tracks (downtown Palatine is completely built up around the metra train) and hit Pop’s sports bar on the other side of the road to meet up with some of our guy friends.  I heart Pop’s.  And think it’s horribly underrated, because I hardly ever see it crowded.  But maybe that’s why I like it?  Who knows…

Random- what was your favorite year of college and why?  Mine was probably sophomore year because I was one of a few living off campus.  And since none of us were old enough to go to the bars yet, we just constantly had people over.  Party house, anyone? 

Time to fly, kids.  Somehow Jaime convinced me that yard work at her new house sounded like a fantastic way to spend Sunday afternoon.  All she had to do was say “brunch” and I was in.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for breakfast…

Faking it

Ah Monday.  I’d be lying if I said it’s great to see you, but our meeting once again is inevitable so I will tolerate you the best that I can.  At least this is another super busy week in the office.  Hopefully my head doesn’t explode.  No worries, I hear that’s almost impossible and hardly ever happens.

Although after a super non-busy weekend, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

I hope you all had a great Father’s Day weekend.  I was not able to travel back to Mid-Missouri to see my pops, but we had a few telephone conversations and it sounded like he had a good one.  So that’s good to know.  :)

After my long run on Saturday and pure laziness that followed the long run, I had a serious craving for BBQ.  As you may know, I do not actually own a grill (I’m pretty sure it’s prohibited at my building, even if I do smell burgers on the grill coming from somewhere on occasion).  So when I feel the need for BBQ, I either get carryout or fake it.

This weekend I faked it with a BBQ chicken wrap.It was oven baked BBQ.  So even if it looked like the real stuff, it wasn’t.  But even if it was fake, it was still ridiculously good.  And messy.  Luckily, no one was around, so I didn’t really care that I got it all over myself.

Sunday was just as, if not more, lazy than Saturday.  Yoga was the only real thing I had on my schedule.  I’m sure you all are going to be quite thrilled to hear I am getting that much better at crow pose.  I held it for over 5 seconds.  If you’ve done this pose, or have the sad upper body strength that I have, you’ll know how thrilled I was about it.  Soon… soon I will OWN that pose…

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is what it looks like (done by a girl way better than me obviously):That’s Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run and she pretty much is awesome at yoga (this pic is from her blog, so check her out!).  Maybe one day I’ll do umm…. half of what she can…  :)

Until then, I’m trying to not get cocky about my 5 seconds of coolness.  Otherwise, I’m afraid it’ll be like the time I said I’d do the half marathon.  I’ll have one drink too many, attempt this, and end up at the ER with a broken face.  No good!

Monica came back from her vacation on Sunday with this little surprise:Apologies for the fuzzy crackberry pic.  But it was exactly what I thought it would be.  Sweet yet sassy.  Just like me.  :)  We both approved.

After work I’m SUPPOSED to go out running.  Uh…. Well at least it’ll be a nice, sunny rest day on Thursday.  Geez.  Will today finally be the day I have to reside to the treadmill for more than just 2 miles?  Oh say it isn’t so!  I knew it was only a matter of time- I had lucked out for six weeks now, except for one little sudden downpour incident.  Hopefully my teeny tiny work out room won’t be too busy with weight slammers and such.

Either way, if I must do the treadmill, I must.  I’ll take down 4.5 miles and smile the whole time.  Because I’m good at faking it.  ;) 

That’s what she said.  (Thought I’d save you the trouble of having to type it out…)

Happy Monday!

Zoning Out

Hello kids!  I  hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was a perfect balance between having things to do and relaxing.  After you last heard from me, I was pretty much worthless the rest of Saturday.  I did get myself up for yoga.  But then quickly settled back down with the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.  I sort of agree with Kelly in my opinion of it.  It was ok.  Not really my style.  And I feel like a few parts could have gone more in-depth?  But I guess that’s somewhat expected when one of the main characters dies mid-shoot.  I still miss you, Heath Ledger.  My poster of you from A Knight’s Tale will never be thrown away.  Ever…

Sunday was a good day.  I still lacked a little sleep (seriously- I have no idea how I function when this happens.  It’s odd.)  Either way, I headed out in the morning for a  run.  I considered a new trail that is a seven-mile loop, but the skies were looking threatening and I wanted the option of a quick trip back to my car if absolutely necessary.  So I stuck to my smaller trail.  I’m a creature of habit.

6.5 miles.  I was a little slower than usual (8:48), but couldn’t have asked for a better run.  The temperatures were perfect, it wasn’t too muggy at that point (good thing I’m an early bird because it got a little gross later on in the day), and I just zoned out into my own happy little world.  Usually this does not happen.  But I guess I had a lot on my mind? 

Are you one to zone out on runs?  Or are you focusing on something the entire time?

The zoning was apparently more intense than I realized.  At one point, I realized I was less than four feet away from a deer on the side of the trail.  I was definitely more surprised than she was.  My heart jumped and I gasped out of surprise.  She just stared at me.  If I wasn’t so unwilling to break my pace, I would have stopped and had a stare down.  Ok, not really, but usually they’re quick to run away.  This one was just giving me a “whatchu lookin’ at, fool?”.  Deer with an attitude.  I like it.  Go on with your bad self…

I also should have paid more attention to the feeling in my feet.  The last mile was when I noticed the serious rubbing of one of my toes.  “Well there’s not  much I can do about it now”, I thought.  Actually yeah there was- I could probably have stopped.  Because now I have a killer blister on my big and second toes on my left foot.  Killer.  My Disney Princess band aids are currently being put to work.  And I’m not quite sure how it’s going to feel for my run tonight.  I’m going to try and protect them as much as I can without getting ridiculous.  Usually I’m just one to pull out the band aids, but does anyone ever use that “second skin” stuff?  Does it actually work?  I’m curious…

I also did another session of Yoga Meltdown (Level 1 this time vs. Level 2 on Saturday).  Still working on the crow pose.  Can’t do it for more than three seconds, but I also didn’t fall on my face this time.  So we can call it a win…

Food has been focused around some more veggie lovin’.I think the asparagus wrap thing is seriously changing my life.  Is it the asparagus?  Or the cheese?  I couldn’t tell you.  But whatever it is, it’s working.

I also broke out the edamame hummus I bought from Trader Joe’s.  Like I said- I thought I’d like it way more than I do.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it at all!  It is still good.  Especially with cauliflower.  Just so you know.

And when I made my obnoxiously large-for-no-reason trip to Target, I finally snagged some of these:I saw sooooo many people trying them out.  And they are quite good!  I love that M&M’s are starting to really mix it up with all the flavors.

Last night I traveled to a nearby town for my friend Annie’s dance recital (she’s a dance teacher).  Her birthday is today (Happy birthday, Annie!), and since I couldn’t see her today, I wanted to hang out with her one last time beforehand.  Plus, she’s going on hiatus as a dance teacher for a while, so I wanted to be there to check out her last show.  ;)  It was super cute and I may be a bit bias, but I just LOVED the dances she choreographed.  Annie pretty much rocks.  One of the classes she teaches is hip hop.  And that’s why I’m always a little embarrassed of my mediocre dance moves when we go out…. ha ha.  What… is the robot not cool anymore?

By the way, she said they all loved the cake I baked for her.  Sweet!  :)

So the World Cup started, and can I say I’m just not a huge fan of soccer?  Am I the only one out there?  I try to get into it, but it’s just not my thing.  Don’t get me wrong- I have a huge admiration for the athletes in the sport (I think it’s one of the sports that calls for a crazy amount of endurance and strength).  And I think it’s awesome that people get that passionate about it.  But I’m just not into it….  No idea why.  Maybe because I grew up in an area where soccer really wasn’t that popular?  I was a tee-ball kid.  All the way.  Oh well.  I tried…

Happy Monday!

Getting Cocky

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front, but sometimes you just gotta unplug for a while, ya know?

That being said, I’ve really been enjoying the long weekend.  Saturday, as I assumed it would be, was a great night.  Jaime, Scott, and I met up with some people for wings and the Blackhawks game.  Note to self- make sure to confirm the waitress hears you say “boneless”.  I had a dress on, it was the beginning of the night and I’m naturally accident-prone.  It probably took me twice as long because I was aware of all these things while I was eating.

Jaime and I ducked out of the bar for a little bit to walk through a nearby street fest.  Check out the goods:Those are “designer” sunglasses, by the way.  Buy one get two free.  Yep… Designer for sure…

Do you guys have street fests in your areas?  This was one of my first ones in the Chicago area.  I had fun, but can see how it would get dangerous to go to them often- those jewelry vendors kept catching my eye!

Near the end of the game, I headed to Kelsey’s in Lincoln Park to meet up with my boys.  Luckily, they did very well with pacing themselves throughout the whole day (they had been out and about since noon for the baseball game).  So I got to catch up with a few of them.  After the game, of course.  It was serious stuff until the final buzzer.  And then of course, the rounds of Chelsea Dagger

That’s about the time Mon showed up.I wish you could have seen my dress.  It was that sassy Target number I picked up the other day… ;)

And yes, I got a little sun on Saturday.  Kinda wish I had been a little more liberal with the sunscreen.  You live and you learn.

I also have more pictures (clearly), but in respect to my guy friends, I’m not going to post them.  I usually feel the need to let them know about the blog if I post pics of them, and uh…. they don’t know yet.  So yeah…

We also visited Faith and Whiskey.  This was where I started to have a lot of fun…  And was probably one of the reasons why we felt the need for this after we got home:Mon’s friend mentioned McDonald’s and I was on top of THAT.  At 3:00 in the morning, there are a lot of things that seem like a good idea.  This was one of them.  When I woke up later, I realized it was not so much.  My stomach did not approve.  But then again, my stomach probably didn’t approve of a lot of things I had done in the last 12 hours.  Wings, beer, vodka, and Mcdonald’s- it thanked me properly.  And I believe I even heard it growl “karma’s a bitch”.  Seriously, it talks.

Yesterday was full of lounging and relaxing.  When I was finally feeling myself, I took a two-mile walk and also took on the second level of Yoga Meltdown with Jillian Michaels.  I was starting to get really cocky with Level 1- thinking I was getting real good at this yoga stuff… Level 2?  Why not?

I sucked at Level 2.  A lot.  In my defense, it’s a new routine, so I had to watch the screen a lot more because I had no idea what was coming next.  Has anyone mastered the crow pose yet?  Dang…  I surprised myself that I could actually do the wheel pose (seriously guys- I’m less flexible than Jillian claims to be).  And I’m pretty sure that popping in and out of the goddess pose is why I feel the soreness in the area that I do today.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

If you do yoga, are there any poses you’re still trying to conquer?

Hit up a BBQ last night- my first of the season!  Unfortunately because I was pretty much a garbage disposal the whole day yesterday (my cereal stash took a serious hit), I wasn’t hungry when I got there.  But it smelled good.  :)  I left the boys in the second hour of Xbox. They kinda laughed as I left because they said I was probably bored.  Not true- I was just tired.  I rarely get bored.  In all reality, I was having fun- I love just sitting back and observing.  And I was getting crazy deja vu from every other weekend in college that was spent just like that… hilarious.

So here I am about to get my run out of the way early- it’s not supposed to get much warmer today, but I’m just more of a morning runner.  Or at least that’s what I aspire to be.  So I’m gonna go do that now.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Ode to my favorite workout shirt…

I have a favorite workout shirt.  It’s not super nice- it’s not lulemon, under armour, or nike.  It’s not a special tech shirt that wicks away sweat like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s not a super cute tight workout top.  It’s not one of my race shirts that boasts my accomplishments.  It’s actually quite old.  And probably ready to hit the dust.  But I wouldn’t dare throw it away.  I like it too much.  Even if I do look like a scrub.It’s a seven-year old Mizzou shirt with the sleeves cut off.  Sassy, right?  I took the pic in the mirror- sorry it’s backwards.

It’s not even mine.  An ex-boyfriend left it at my house.  He’s the one who had cut off the sleeves.  The holes in the side of the shirt are horribly uneven.  But I don’t care.

I don’t wear it because I miss him or anything (let’s get this straight- we only dated for a few months and it wasn’t a good situation for either of us).  I wear it because I like it.  And to be quite honest, I look better in it anyways.  This shirt needs me.  Hence the reason I never cared to return it.  Or really even tell him I had it.  I’m not a bad person for doing this.  I consider it a way of calling us even.  Trust me on this one.

I love it because it’s so old, that it’s thin and comfy.  And it’s a shirt from when Mizzou beat #3 Nebraska in 2003- my freshman year of college.  That was a game that they took the goal post down and marched it through campus.  I lived in a dorm that was on the route, so we were all hanging out off the balcony cheering as it went past.  Good times.

Yep, my fave workout shirt.  It gets me through tough workouts.  Like yesterday.  I waited to hit the trail because it was crazy hot (90 degrees?  what?  I was unaware we were skipping May and June and just jumping right into July).  And it was still pretty crazy when I decided I couldn’t wait anymore.  But I did my 3.5 miles and walked another two.  Hence the reason I look like a sweaty hot mess in the above picture…  :p

Anyone else have a favorite workout top/outfit?

I also did yoga meltdown again.  Because I’m random and crazy like that…. woooo….  I think next time I’m attempting Level 2.  No lies- I’m a little nervous about it.

Oh and from yesterday’s post, I think it’s safe to say we’re all closet Jersey Shore addicts.  Sure we may not actually like it, but we feel the need to still watch everyone on that show slowly crash and burn… what a guilty pleasure…

And I’m totally not kidding about Target.  It’s the last place I bought a piece of clothing.  $20 dress.  Still needs to be worn.  I’m hoping this weekend.  I’ve got friends coming to town.  Perfect occasion…

I have another food presentation that I’m attending today.  Let’s hope they bring cookies…. :)

Seriously.  It’s Panera.  And they’re coming on a Tuesday.  And we all know my feelings towards Tuesdays.  There better be cookies.

Semi-Recovery Day

Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone- I was so happy everything turned out and that Jaime and Scott were happy with the end result of the cake.  Hooray!  And thanks for the compliments on the dress- first J.Crew purchase I ever made.  Last year.  Final clearance.  BAM!  :)  Did I ever mention when it comes to shopping, I’m a recessionista?  I totally consider Target as “designer”.  For future reference…

Sunday was wonderful.  Originally, I had said that I wanted to sleep through the entire morning and pretend it just didn’t exist.  Be lazy and lay around in bed the entire time.  Obviously, you know me and this did not happen.  It never does.  Although it’s a fun idea in theory.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t lay back down.  Because I did.  And woke up sweating my butt off.  At some point, the weather decided to get crazy and all the sudden it was 85 and sunny outside.  85!  Luckily, I woke up right around the time for optimal sun exposure on my teeny tiny balcony.  So I sat outside and caught up with some friends and my parents while soaking in a little sunlight.  Using spf of course.

Yesterday was a yoga day on my training schedule.  But since I’ve been ignoring The Shred recently, I also threw in Level 1 along with some Yoga Meltdown.  Because I’m just crazy like that… ;)

Now that the wedding weekend is over, I’m back to my regular routine and “veggie detox”.  It’s always refreshing to have a day of somewhat cleaner eats.  I say “somewhat” just to cover my ass.  I’m very much a work-in-progress.    Spinach and mushroom sammy with zucchini and yellow squash.  Let’s say it together.  “Ahhhh.”

Here’s where the “somewhat” comes in.  I discovered that I accidently forgot about the couple scotcheroos that didn’t fit into some of the tupperware for last night… I wasn’t disappointed that I found them.  The little things that put a smile on my face… as I completely finished them off.  All at once.  Good work, Amy.

Embarrassingly enough (along with my binge of scotcheroo fabulousness), I barely left my apartment all day.  So when I went to get something out of my car, I realized the Sunday paper was waiting for me.  Now this was surprising.  Because lately, someone’s been stealing my paper.  Not during the week- just on Sundays.  Which is frustrating.  Especially when I run down early in the morning and it’s already nowhere to be found.  I don’t always have time to read the Sun Times during the week but I LOVE my Sunday paper.  I mean- hello!  If anything, the ads alone are worth it!  Apparently someone else in my unit thinks so as well.  So I’ve gotten used to only reading it every other week or so.  But I caught up on my reading over dinner:Go Hawks! Dinner was small due to the amount of snackage that happened between the two meals.  But I brought back the TJ’s pizza sauce to mix with spinach and cheddar for my pretend pizza.  :)

What else did I do yesterday?

Realized once again there’s a reason I think Jersey Shore is stupid (did anyone else see there was a marathon of it on?).  Geez…

Contemplated vacuuming but took another nap on my couch instead.

Contemplated doing laundry but caught up on my google reader instead.

Contemplated being semi-productive in any way at all and then just said screw it.

And that’s about it.  So I wasn’t the most exciting person.  I was drained.  Although I had a cocktail and a half, I felt like I had been out all night with pitchers in each hand.  But nope.  I’m just getting old… eek!

Welcome back to the work week.  Five days until a three-day weekend!


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